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8 Citizen Science and Volunteer Nature Travel Options for Environmentally Conscious Travellers

This month, I wanted to put together something a bit different. Instead of a single in-depth profile, I’ve curated a list of 8 citizen science/voluntourism experiences around the world. A couple of these places appear in my recently released book and nature travel guide “The Nature Traveller’s Handbook: 150 Research Stations and Private Reserves to … Read more

The Krabi, Thailand Guide for More Discerning Tourists

I’m going to do something that I swore I’d never do: I’m going to “blog” about Thailand. Krabi, specifically (although I have also included a couple of places in the neighboring provinces of Trang and Staun). I told myself I wouldn’t stoop to writing about Thailand because the tourism industry in Thailand (the non-seedy kind), by … Read more

How to Do Serious Nature and Wildlife Travel On a Budget

Nature and wildlife travel on a budget is usually quite difficult to do well. I’m not talking about staying at some “eco” hotel or piece of farmland where the owners have decided to throw a couple of “eco huts” up around a man-made lake. I’m talking about visiting significant expanses of well-preserved habitat located on … Read more

Snorkeling in the Caribbean: The 5 Healthiest Marine Ecosystems in the Region

The Caribbean Sea is iconic for having some of the clearest water in the world. This is due to a lack of plankton and other suspended particles, combined with the relative shallowness of the Caribbean compared to other large tropical seas and oceans. While not nearly as biodiverse as their counterparts in the Indo-Pacific, and … Read more

The Ultimate Whale Shark Diving Guide: 20 of the World’s Best Locations, Seasons and How to Dive Them

Whale Sharks are circumtropical planktivorous sharks, meaning they are found in all of the world’s tropical oceans (as well as subtropical zones) and feed on plankton.  They are gentle giants, the largest fish in the sea, and one of only three planktivorous sharks, the other two being Basking and Megamouth Sharks.  Whale shark diving is … Read more

The Failproof Three-Step Method to Prevent Your Snorkel Mask From Fogging Up

If you’re shopping for a new mask on places like Amazon and you look at the comment section (which you always should), you’re almost guaranteed to see people complaining about mask fog.  They didn’t like this or that mask because of “fogging.”  There are often contradictory reviews under the same mask both criticizing and lauding … Read more

5 of the Best Temperate and Cold Water Diving Destinations for Underwater Photographers

The vast majority of scuba diving takes place in the tropics (the Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean), and it makes sense.  Warmer waters, more diverse reefs; if the goal is to see as much in as comfortable a setting as possible, then, of course, you choose will choose tropical over subtropical and cold seas.  Cold water … Read more

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