Find hundreds of wildlife guides across dozens of countries throughout SE Asia, the Ameircas, Africa and Australasia.

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Perija Birding Travel

Perija Birding Travel offers customized birdwatching tours in the stunning Serranía del Perijá region, renowned for its rich avian diversity. This entrepreneurial venture, managed by passionate locals, provides a unique opportunity to explore the endemic bird species of Colombia and Venezuela. Notable sightings include the Chestnut Piculet, a woodpecker native

Paraguay Birding and Nature

Oscar Rodriguez, the founder of Paraguay Birding & Nature, has cultivated a passion for birding and wildlife observation, transforming it into a specialized ecotourism company since 2003. Based in Asunción, Paraguay, the company offers meticulously planned and customized tours that highlight the diverse fauna and flora of Paraguay and neighbouring

Panama Bird Guide

Panama Bird Guide offers captivating birdwatching tours led by certified local bird guides, providing enriching experiences for both groups and individuals. Explorers can delve into the diverse avian treasures of Panama with expert guides, immersing themselves in the captivating world of birds. The tours encompass a range of options, from

Pajareandoando Birding Tours

Pajareando Ando-Birding Tours offers unparalleled birdwatching experiences in the southern regions of Mexico, curated by a passionate team led by Enrique Heredia, a biologist with a deep-rooted love for avifauna. With a commitment to conservation, they strive to not only provide unforgettable birding adventures but also support local communities and

Orion Herp Adventure

Orion Herp Adventure Travel invites you to embark on exhilarating field herping tours in Borneo and Malaysia, offering a range of Adventure Packages and customizable trips tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re already in Kuala Lumpur or planning a visit, join their Single-Night Guided Field Herp Hike for a unique

Ocampo Expeditions

Ocampo Expeditions beckons nature lovers and birding enthusiasts to embark on an immersive journey into Colombia’s vibrant natural world. With a focus on endemic birds, cultural immersion, and wildlife encounters, each expedition promises unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression. Led by seasoned guides passionate about conservation, travellers have the

Want to experience the best remaining patches of habitat left on the planet?

Check out the web’s largest database of biological research stations, private reserves and ranger outposts. 130+ unique locations across 35 countries protecting some of the most precious patches of wet and dry forest, desert, savannah, coastline and wetland we have left. 

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