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Rancho Naturalista

Nestled within the lush expanse of the Caribbean Rainforest in Costa Rica, Rancho Naturalista beckons with its tranquil charm and captivating avian inhabitants. Renowned as a haven for birdwatchers, this verdant retreat encompasses over 120 acres of pristine forest reserve, seamlessly blending advanced secondary and primary forest with an orchard

RaDa Birding Medellin

RaDa Birding Medellín is a tour guide service specializing in bird and wildlife tours throughout Medellín and key hotspots in Antioquia, Colombia. The organization offers guided birding tours led by a professional guide, focusing on diverse habitats such as the central and western Andes, the Magdalena and Cauca rivers, montane

Pizote Birding

Located just 3 kilometers south of Boca Tapada, Pizote Birding offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity. Founded as a family project, this rustic retreat provides a genuine taste of Costa Rican hospitality amidst the tranquility of the San Carlos River and lush forest surroundings.

Pica Pau Tours

Pica Pau Tours, founded by Ricardo Barbosa in 2012, offers immersive birdwatching experiences in the diverse landscapes of Brazil. Ricardo’s passion for birdwatching began in the early 90s when he was introduced to the activity by fellow enthusiasts from Florida. Since then, he has explored nearly every corner of Rio,

Photo Wildlife Tours

Since 2016, Photo Wildlife Tours, a team of biologists and naturalists, have provided a unique service, not only capturing wildlife but also sharing insights into their behaviour. Your participation in their trips actively contributes to various conservation programs they champion. Their carefully curated itineraries highlight highly biodiverse regions, ensuring guests

Peru Birding Tours

Peru Birding Tours, founded by Omar Diaz Villalobos in 2010, offers unforgettable birding experiences across Peru’s diverse landscapes. With headquarters in Puerto Maldonado and partnerships across South America, the company specializes in sustainable travel, promoting conservation, and providing authentic nature experiences. From exploring the iconic Machu Picchu to traversing the

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