Find hundreds of wildlife guides across dozens of countries throughout SE Asia, the Ameircas, Africa and Australasia.

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Turaco Birding

Nestled in the heart of West Africa, Turaco Birding Expeditions offers avid birdwatchers and photographers a gateway to the diverse avian wonders of The Gambia. Headed by professional bird guide Musa Jatta, the company is dedicated to crafting tailored itineraries that cater to the unique needs and interests of each

Tropical Herping

Maybe one of the most well-known herping tour guides and outfits in the world, Tropical Herping is the project of Ecuadorian biologist and world-renowned wildlife conservation photojournalist Lucas Bustamante.  They organize trips all over the world, from Borneo to Madagascar to Belize to Sri Lanka. Tropical Herping is a conservation-first

Tropical Feathers

Tropical Feathers offers birding tours across Costa Rica, designed by avid birders. With a focus on personalized experiences, they tailor tours to suit both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners alike. Led by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about birding, each excursion delves into Costa Rica’s diverse avian habitats, from misty mountains

Travel and Birding

Nestled in the heart of Santa Elena, Costa Rica, Travel and Birding has become synonymous with unforgettable birding experiences. Embark on a journey through Costa Rica’s varied ecosystems, from the misty cloud forests of Monteverde to the vibrant coastal habitats of Manuel Antonio. Each meticulously crafted itinerary offers birdwatchers the

Toucan Birding Guides

Toucan Birding, based in the Misiones region of Argentina, specializes in guided birdwatching tours across the diverse landscapes of the Atlantic Forest. Led by Guy Cox, a seasoned guide with over three decades of experience in South America, Toucan Birding offers tailored itineraries to explore renowned birding hotspots like Iguazú,

Tontan Travel

Another of Thailand’s most famous herping and general wildlife guiding outfits, if you go out with these guys, you are not only going to add some serious herps to your list, but and birds mammals as well. A lot of their tours are to the world-famous Kaeng Krachan National Park,

Want to experience the best remaining patches of habitat left on the planet?

Check out the web’s largest database of biological research stations, private reserves and ranger outposts. 130+ unique locations across 35 countries protecting some of the most precious patches of wet and dry forest, desert, savannah, coastline and wetland we have left. 

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