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Viaja Con Omar

Omar Casas Cubides is a birding guide from the Colombian Department of Vaupes. An indigenous guy with deep cultural and social connections in the area, Omar is capable of guiding birding expeditions deep into the Southeast Colombian Amazon, where his local geographical, ecological and social knowledge makes adventuring in this

Uraba Nature Tours

This is another herping (although it also offers birding and mammal-watching excursions) outfit in a part of Colombia that offers big Chocó-Darién herpetofauna rewards but requires some serious local knowledge to do safely. Urabá is in the northern part of the Antioquia department, bordering the Caribbean Sea where Panama meets

Uganda Reptiles and wildlife Safaris

Uganda Reptiles and Wildlife Safaris, situated in Entebbe, Uganda, specializes in organizing guided expeditions centered around reptile and mammal encounters. With a Facebook following of 929, the company is dedicated to providing immersive experiences in Uganda’s natural habitats. Led by knowledgeable guides, their excursions focus on herpetological expeditions, gorilla and

Uganda Birding

Uganda Birding, founded by Benjamin Musis, is a premier tour operator based in Uganda. Specializing in bird watching and wildlife tours, the company offers a range of packages designed to explore the country’s rich biodiversity. Uganda, known as the “Pearl of Africa,” boasts over 1,050 bird species, including 24 Albertine

Twinspot Tours and Travel

Twinspot Tours & Travel invites you to embark on an extraordinary birdwatching adventure across East Africa, where the region’s diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity converge to create a paradise for birders. With a dedicated focus on birding tours, Twinspot Tours & Travel offers customized itineraries that showcase the iconic birding

Turipache Wildlife Expeditions

It’s hard to come across herping guides in Mexico. This is a place where you really need a lot of local knowledge to navigate the very complicated social and political landscape, and much of the country is probably not safe to herp. These guys plan expeditions to places like Lacandon

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