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Yucatan Birding Tours

Yucatan Birding Tours offers customizable birdwatching experiences in the Yucatan Peninsula, led by knowledgeable guides fluent in English and Spanish. Visitors can choose from pre-designed tours or tailor their own, ensuring an enjoyable and educational journey through the region’s rich avian diversity. From exploring Cozumel Island’s endemic species to spotting

William Canto Nature Guide

William Canto, the passionate naturalist guide behind Guia Naturalista William Canto, offers immersive tours of the diverse ecosystems in Rio Lagartos. With a deep knowledge and love for the local flora and fauna, William provides insightful and enriching experiences for visitors. His tours offer opportunities to learn about the biodiversity

Wildlife Tours Peru

Wildlife Tours Peru offers unique and authentic experiences in the Peruvian Amazon, specializing in ecotourism and photography with a focus on herping, birdwatching, and general wildlife observation. The expert guides at Wildlife Tours Peru are well-versed in the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon, providing tours in diverse regions

Wildlife Journies CR

Wildlife Journey’s CR is led by Costa Rican wildlife photographer Jean Bonilla with a focus on both birds and herps.

Wildlife by Luis

Wildlife By Luis is run by Costa Rican wildlife photographer Luis Acuña, who is based out of Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula. He’s definitely a generalist, which you can clearly see from his Instagram profile, and quite capable of finding and knowledgeable about herps, birds, and mammals.

Wild Bird Eco

Wild Bird Eco Tour, established in 1997, is a premier provider of birding and bird photography experiences in Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, the company has garnered a strong reputation among birdwatchers and conservation enthusiasts. With Par as the general manager overseeing tour operations and Nang as the primary

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