Learn How to Visit 150 Nature and Wildlife Travel Gems Across the Tropics

What The Nature Traveller's Handbook gives you

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Art meets nature

Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by Irish Artist Tessa Gill denote the different animal groups each of the 150 sites is known for 

Where dreams come to life

Experience and stay in 150 of the most breathtaking nature and wildlife study, photography and filming locations throughout the tropics.

Meet and support incredible local people

Connect with local grassroots organizations and individuals trying to protect what is left of our planet’s embattled wild areas. 

Affordable nature trips of a lifetime

These are research stations and private reserves that give you exclusive access to the best wild areas for less money.

About the author


With a decade of hands-on experience as a wildlife photographer, videographer, guide, and naturalist, I’ve compiled 150 of the most captivating and budget-friendly nature and wildlife experiences throughout the tropics, across 5 continents and 35 countries. 

In 2015, motivated by a sense that I was missing out on one of the most fundamental components of the human experience and human well-being (time in nature), while that nature disappeared, I quit my corporate banking job, donated or sold most of what I had, and slowly cobbled together this life I’ve been leading. 

I have visited and lived in some remarkable places, met admirable and interesting people doing important conservation work, and been privileged to see a large amount of planet earth’s natural beauty and living organisms. 

These are not your typical tourist spots. These are sites nestled within the heart of biosphere reserves, national parks, and private reserves dedicated to safeguarding our planet’s most precious and endangered habitats. From the coastal forests of East Africa to the Brazilian Caatinga, from the majestic Amazonian piedmont of Colombia to the sprawling wetlands of northern Mesoamerica, this book lays out a global nature and wildlife travel road map like no other.

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