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Above: Las Guacamayas Biological Station inside the Maya Biosphere Reserve–one of the most important masifs of wet forest in Mesoamerica. 

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Who We Are

In 2015, I quit my bank job and got rid of the bulk of my possessions to travel the world and photograph wildlife. From the Amazon to Borneo, the Sinai Peninsula to Raja Ampat, my goal has been to see and live in the world’s remaining biodiversity hotspots.

I want to help people make travel and gear decisions so that they can get out there and enjoy our natural world and its remaining beauty as humanity continues to effect massive planet-wide ecological change.

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Cocobolo Nature Reserve

Cocobolo Nature Reserve Cocobolo Nature Reserve (and field station) is a privately owned reserve and conservation research site in Central Panama’s Mamoní Valley. Right on the southern slope of the continental divide, it straddles a mountain ridge between the country’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts. It covers some 410 hectares of

Cerulean Warbler Reserve

Cerulean Warbler Reserve Created in 2005 to protect an important wintering location for birds like the Cerulean Warbler and other migrant species, the reserve encompasses 545 acres of forest on the western slope of Colombia’s Eastern Andes range. It borders Yariguíes National Park, one of the largest remaining humid premontane

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is a national protected area managed by the Belize Audubon Society conserving a large stretch of important wetlands, making it a very popular birding destination—home to 300 recorded species—as well as a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic animals. 34 species of

Children’s Eternal Rainforest Stations: Pocosol Station and San Gerardo

Children’s Eternal Rainforest Stations: Pocosol Station and San Gerardo The Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica’s mountainous northwest is so named because it was bought and protected thanks to the fundraising efforts of children from around the world, starting in Swedish primary schools in the 1980s. It is the largest

Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary

Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary Another of the Birdlife Australia reserves that accept overnight visitors, the Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary is just a couple of hours west of Melbourne, with very good year-round access for all types of vehicles. The 535-hectare sanctuary is home to more than 150 species of woodland and wetland

Charles Darwin Reserve

Charles Darwin Reserve Like many of the reserves in Australia’s private reserve network, Darwin is a former sheep station turned reclaimed woodland and wildflower plains. The 68,600-hectare reserve sits primarily within the Southwest Botanical Province, the continent’s only internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot. Plant diversity here is unlike anything else in