Travel Workout Equipment

How do you stay fit and strong while travelling the world, especially when you are somewhere without a gym?

Sports and fitness have always been an important part of my life, but when I decided to take my life and work on the road, I was worried about that lifestyle falling by the wayside. Not everywhere I have gone has had a gym–or had one that I felt inspired/safe using–and my travel workout equipment has come in very handy.

Below are reviews of some of the great travel workout equipment I have used over the years. It is a combination of bodyweight and cardio gear that is easy to pack, lightweight and that you can use anywhere:

Staying fit as a digital nomad (especially when travelling to more remote places in the global south) is a must. In addition to the mental health benefits that come with physical exercise (and simply wanting to look good) you never know when your cardio, flexibility or physical strength is going to be a factor in a potentially dangerous or harrowing situation.