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NNT Productions and Digital Marketing

Who we are

NNT Productions is a boutique video production and digital marketing agency specializing in nature and wildlife travel-related businesses and experiences.

Alex Gillard-Videographer and Logistics Coordinator

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, since 2016, Alex has travelled the world as a wildlife photographer and guide, visiting and living in the planet’s biodiversity hotspots, from the Amazon to West Papua, Indonesia.


He channels his lifelong passion for nature, wildlife and filmmaking into every project, obsessed with capturing the best a location has to offer.


Combining his knowledge of the natural world and eye for a shot with a nearly ten-year-long career as a content manager and SEO specialist, he is responsible for ensuring that the scenes captured showcase the essence and natural beauty of a site.

Tessa Gill-Editing/Production & Social Media

Tessa is an Irish singer-songwriter, producer and video editor. 

Originally from Kilkenny, Tessa spent her formative years in Spain, where she received a scholarship to study fine arts at the University of Malaga, specializing in Sculpture, video and graphic design. 

She got her start as a corporate video producer but is much more at home creating nature and wildlife travel-related content. 

A talented illustrator, vocalist, and sound/video editor, Tessa turns the raw materia–the aerial, ground, underwater and wildlife videos and photos–into finished products. 

We create content for

Bio Stations, National Parks, Tourism Boards

Ecology-conscious Resorts and Lodges 

Wildlife Tour and Guiding Companies

Our mission

Our mission is to provide businesses and NFPs in the nature and wildlife travel niche with video production and digital marketing services that will help them better showcase what they have to offer their clients, donors and investors and improve their visibility in search engines and on social media platforms. 

We leverage our combined 15 years of both academic and professional design and video production experience to help businesses and non-profits involved in sustainable nature and wildlife-related tourism and conservation work do a better job finding, attracting and communicating with their target market. 

We work with palces that attract people who are serious about nature and wildlife and willing to travel to see it–serious divers, snorkelers, birdwatchers, fieldherpers, mammal-watchers, biologists and those looking for true immersion in wilderness and well-preserved habitats. 

Here's what our clients have to say

Interested in working with us?

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  • What you are hoping to showcase
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