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Children’s Eternal Rainforest Stations: Pocosol Station and San Gerardo

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica’s mountainous northwest is so named because it was bought and protected thanks to the fundraising efforts of children from around the world, starting in Swedish primary schools in the 1980s.

It is the largest private reserve in Costa Rica, covering 22,600 hectares, and is owned and managed by Costa Rican non-profit Monteverde Conservation League. Two percent of the world’s orchid species, 3 percent of its butterflies and 5 percent of its birds are found within this relatively small tract of land (0.00015 percent of the world’s land area).

Both Pocosol (720 masl) and San Gerardo (1,200 masl) are located deep in the CER, accessible year-round by 4-wheel drive, and immerse you in dense, Caribbean slope premontane rainforest—teeming with bromeliads, hundreds of species of resident and migrant birds, frogs, reptiles and mammals.

All of this can be seen on your own or on guided day/night tours arranged through the stations. Accommodations are bunkbeds (2-3 per room) with a shared bathroom in each room.