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Cerulean Warbler Reserve

Created in 2005 to protect an important wintering location for birds like the Cerulean Warbler and other migrant species, the reserve encompasses 545 acres of forest on the western slope of Colombia’s Eastern Andes range.

It borders Yariguíes National Park, one of the largest remaining humid premontane and montane forest fragments in northern Colombia and a globally important bird conservation priority.

Over 500 bird species have been registered at the reserve, making it a spectacular place to observe a staggeringly high number of not only total Colombian but global species.

The region also features rich butterfly diversity, with 248 species recorded in the Serrania de los Yariguíes, and is home to threatened and endangered mammals like the Colombian Night Monkey, the Ocelot, the Spectacled Bear and the Jaguar. There is a simple lodge at the Cerulean Warbler Reserve that can accommodate up to 25 people.