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Cana Field Station

Cana Field Station is located in Panama’s portion of Darién National Park, the 570,000-hectare protected area separating Colombia and Panama at the continental divide. It forms part of the largest protected area in Panama and one of the largest and most valuable protected zones in all of Central America.

UNESCO considers the Darién to be of “outstanding universal value” thanks to its remoteness and well-preserved state. It is home to some 169 documented species of mammals, hundreds of bird species (including a major population of Harpy Eagles) and a large diversity of reptile, amphibian, freshwater fish, insect and plant species.

One of the most spectacular sites in the country, Cana is typically visited by birdwatchers on expensive multi-day birding tours, but you don’t need to be a birder to enjoy the area.

The jungle around Cana is dense, and the lodge faces an open expanse, which makes for spectacular and relatively effortless bird watching. If bird watching isn’t the primary draw for you, there are several short trails around the property that you can walk, as well as half-day hikes and overnight
stays further afield.