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Caiman House Field Station

Caiman House Field Station is located in Guyana’s Rupununi Wetlands, a globally important freshwater habitat home to more than 450 species of fish, which in turn support populations of endangered Black Caimans, Giant River Otters, Giant River Turtles and recovering populations of Arapaima (the largest freshwater fish in the world).

Both a nature travel destination and a Black Caiman research station, Caiman House is an incredible place for wildlife enthusiasts. This is a region of immense biodiversity across every major animal group and undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking and biodiverse places in the neotropics.

The North Rupununi Wetlands lie at the confluence of two major river basins, both the Amazon and the Essequibo, with seasonal flooding allowing animals from both basins to mix.

Accommodations at Caiman House include either the simple but comfortable lodge, or you have the option to hang a hammock (at a reduced rate). It seems likely that pitching a tent would also be an option if you inquired.

Getting to Caiman House is difficult, and the transportation costs are going to be high, but the nightly rates are reasonable and inclusive of three meals. All of the profits are funnelled back into the local community and conservation efforts.