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Broome Bird Observatory

The Broome Bird Observatory was founded in 1988 by scientists who recognized the importance of Roebuck Bay in Western Australia as a migratory shorebird area —one of the most important in the world.

Since then, Broome has become an important research and education facility and, luckily for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, funds itself via tours and hosting non-academic visitors.

The Broome region of the Kimberly is where the desert and the tropics converge, meeting on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is home to mudflats, beaches, mangroves, floodplains, savanna, saltmarsh, desert scrub and pindan woodlands.

Roebuck Bay has recorded 333 species of birds, a third of the total species found in Australia, including species that are either rarely or never seen anywhere else on the continent. The observatory offers a range of accommodation options, from a fully self-contained cottage to a double room, bunk room and single-room units, as well as their campground.



*please note that drones disrupt nesting shorebirds and should not be used in places like the Broome Bird Observatory.