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The Ultimate Whale Shark Diving Guide: 20 of the World’s Best Locations, Seasons and How to Dive Them

Whale Sharks are circumtropical planktivorous sharks, meaning they are found in all of the world’s tropical oceans (as well as subtropical zones) and feed on plankton.  They are gentle giants, the largest fish in the sea, and one of only three planktivorous sharks, the other two being Basking and Megamouth … Read more

Tips for Better Night Diving and Snorkeling: How to Minimize Panic and Stay Safe

once you get over your nerves, night diving is mind blowing

Night diving is scuba diving done at night from the shore or a boat, the purpose being the observation of nocturnal marine life, including animals like eels, crustaceans, cephalopods (squid, octopus, and cuttlefish), sharks, rays, bioluminescent plankton, sleeping fish and more. To dive at night, you need special gear, an … Read more