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About Us

Nomad nature travel is the culmination of nearly a decade travelling the world, sleeping and living in everything from vans to hammocks to mobile homes to bamboo huts, falling asleep to the sounds of jungles, rivers and oceans, spending thousands of hours snorkeling, diving, hiking, birding, herping, and guiding other amateur naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts in some of the most spectacular places on earth.

From the jungles of the Colombian Amazon and flooded grasslands of the Orinoco to the dipterocarp forests of Malaysian Borneo; from the world’s most diverse coral reef ecosystems in West Papua to the wadis and coral-fringed coastline of the Sinai; the wetlands of the Maya Biosphere Reserve and national parks of Southern Thailand to the ABC islands of the Caribbean and the Pine Savannas of Florida. 

You won’t find the same top 10 lists that are mindlessly regurgitated throughout the adventure travel industry on this site. My goal is to provide thoughtful, informed reviews (of gear and destinations) that people who are serious about authentic nature and wildlife travel will respect and benefit from.

Alex - Founder at nomad nature travel

In 2015, I left my corporate job at a large bank to take a chance on a lifestyle that I had always fantasized about but was always too comfortable and complacent to pull the trigger on: digital nomad-dom.

I was tired of the city–the constant construction, the sirens, the subway, rush hour and the concrete jungle–but I didn’t want to travel (and work) for travel’s sake.

I wanted to use this lifestyle to fund what I was actually passionate about: nature and wildlife photography.

First exposed to nature and wildlife in the deserts around Phoenix, Arizona and raised on the West Coast of Canada, camping, hiking, fishing, snorkeling, looking for gartersnakes, tagging salmon, exploring tidepools, and birdwatching with my dad, what I should have done after high school was pursue a scientific education in conservation, ecology and biology. Instead, I chose commerce and finance. 

Today, I’m the chief editor, writer and reviewer at nomad nature travel, as well as the co-founder and videographer at NNT productions and the creator of the Nature Experience Finder search engine, a database of 130+ research stations and private reserves throughout the tropics that offer access to the best and most important remaining wild areas throughout our planet’s biodiversity hotspots. 

I channel my lifetime of outdoor living and adventure travel experience, on land and under the waves, into all of our gear and location reviews.